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Things are changing with the NAR lawsuit settlement, NOW is the time to control your monthly costs and focus on GETTING LISTINGS!

(If buyers will soon be urged to fork over a substantial fee to look at properties where do you think MANY buyers are going to go?)




  • No Monthly Fees, work either full time or part time.
  • FREE premium yard signs including free installation and take-down.
  • Your own FREE custom website featuring you, with your own copy and images, with FREE web hosting.  Special website assistance for bilingual agents speaking Spanish, Chinese, Polish, Tagalog, Urdu, Arabic, Russian, and Ukrainian. We’ll build you a custom website in your second language and show you how to generate tons of traffic to your language groups. Get instant “sphere of influence”. We show you how.
  • Optional Low cost IDX feed branded with your name on YOUR CUSTOM WEBSITE. This covers the entire MRED MLS region. Now everything in MRED MLS is branded with your name. Your clients can run custom searches and all traffic is directed to YOU. New listings update every 5 minutes on your own IDX feed. Put the link to your IDX feed in all of your social media. Are you also a member of the NW Indiana MLS?, get your IDX feed for Indiana also. This is TERRIFIC and not expensive!
  • FREE professional photography and video tour of your listings. Our listing fees are negotiable and your sellers can choose the package they want. Discuss with me the package they are considering and I’ll assist with what we can do for your seller. Remember, often we will be helping the buyer also, so you need to factor that into the equation. We have high-end visuals available to your seller, including a virtual home tour so your clients can navigate from room to room, plus aerial shots with drones. We create your social media content for free. This excites your sellers and helps you get listings. If you had to buy this package yourself it would cost you $400-$1000+ per listing. With us you get it for FREE. Again, your seller can choose the service level they want. And we can put the listing into both MRED MLS + NW Indiana MLS. Most other brokers cannot expose your listing in both the IL and IN Multiple Listing Services. Your managing broker is licensed in both states.
  • Special access to luxury rental listings if you want the quick income of doing rental deals. You do the walk throughs and we’ll give you the listings that pay 100% of the first month’s rent. We’ll show you how to setup your tiktok account to drive tons of traffic to you. (suggest working on units in the 4K/month and up range)
  • Optional FREE Triple-line Mojo dialer + phone data. Note: You don’t have to use the dialer to join us. (You’ll have a private account in your name and work the types of leads you want) This is totally FREE if you get at least one listing per month. It is typical to write 2-3 listings per month if you work the dialer according to our methods and stay on your schedule being on the dialer about 10 hours per week, working a 2-hour shift 5 days per week.) Note: You will need high-speed internet for this. Test your connection speed at and let us know what your up and down speeds are.
  • Hands-on training with an experienced managing broker who built a successful brokerage in the California SF Bay Area. You can contact your sponsoring broker 7 days a week by phone or text. Tom Saylor is friendly and down-to-earth. If you don’t know something don’t be afraid to ask. We help you get your deals closed.
  • Emphasis on helping our agents buy property. Your sponsoring broker has experience in property flipping and construction.
  • 70/30 split, reach 12K cap and go to 90% commission. We pay you fast., 

If interested call the number on my sign or my cell 317-430-9373, thanks! Tom Saylor

This is typical of the sign size and post. Your sign will be customized to you with your sign rider.

Free professional video and photography of your listings, including aerial drone work if appropriate

Get quick access to your managing broker Tom Saylor day or night. We want to help you get your deals closed

Emphasis on our agents owning property, we are open to partnerships with agents if necessary to make the deal.

Give me a call. We're looking for a few good agents. Thanks!

Tom Saylor, Sponsoring broker